Families For Improved Care - Citizen Action Group - Nursing Home Reform

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Families For Improved Care

Columbus, Ohio

We are a consumer action group for residents and family members

 in long-term care facilities

dedicated to achieving 

nursing home reform 

which will result in better care 

for our loved ones.

Do you have a family member

in a nursing home?


Are you unhappy with

the care they are receiving?


Do you feel harassed, humiliated 

or intimidated? 


Please come join us on the 2nd Tuesday

of each month. Time: 6:30 p.m.

Call for meeting location: (614) 267-0777

Open to family members, friends and all interested individuals.

For more information you may contact us @

Families For Improved Care

Donald Greenberg

3440 Olentangy River Road

Columbus, Ohio  43202

(614) 267-0777


e-mail: charliejohns@earthlink.net 



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Where are
you from:
Do you presently have a loved one in a nursing home? If so, have you encountered any problems?
Please specify any problems.
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